Pet Stain & Odor Removal

We know you love your pets, but sometimes they can leave their mark in a less desired way. AmeriClean Carpet & Furniture Cleaning is a family owned and operated business that specializes in removing those unsightly stains and odors that your pets might leave behind. We serve the Ridgefield, CT area, including Fairfield, Putnam and Westchester Counties. With our excellent customer service, we prioritize the health and quality of your living space.

Furniture and carpets are major expenses. No one wants to replace a beautiful couch because of a few pet accidents. Maintain the investments you've made in your home by using our cleaning service. Not only can we save you the time and energy of cleaning up after your pet, we can also benefit your health in the long run. Removing stains and odors reduces allergens and helps prevent mold growth in your home.

Our experienced and professional technicians take every precaution with your property. We want you to live in the comfort of a home that is well-maintained year after year. Our family owned and operated business provides you with personalized, expert service, and we ensure your property is never damaged in the cleaning process.

Pet Stain & Odor RemovalOur superior and safe equipment meets all industry and health standards. We use cleaning agents that are powerful, long-lasting, and safe for every member of your family, including kids and pets themselves.

Having a pet shouldn't be a source of stress. At AmeriClean Carpet & Furniture Cleaning, you can always count on our excellent customer service. We want to make your home feel clean, healthy, and comfortable, and we'll leave your furniture and carpets smelling and looking brand new.

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