Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning

Area & Oriental Rug CleaningA lovely Oriental Rug or other Area Rug can bring a great deal of character to your living space. However, without proper maintenance, these rugs are magnets for dirt and dust. When you're waiting for reliable Oriental and Area Rug cleaning service in pleasant Ridgefield, Connecticut and the surrounding areas, you can put your trust in AmeriClean Carpet & Furniture Cleaning. You can put your trust in our incredible customer service and care, too.

People sometimes ask us why our service is a good idea. We have many fabulous answers for them as well. Our Oriental and area rug cleaning service can keep floor coverings in five-star shape for lengthy periods of time. It can also boost the wellness of your household. Rugs are prone to allergen accumulation that can sometimes lead to awful sniffling and watery eyes. Our service can keep those things at bay.

Styles of Rugs AmeriClean Services:

+ Oriental
+ Karastan
+ Dhurry
+ Kilim
+ Chobi Ziegler
+ Persian (Tabriz, Heriz, Kashan, Mashad, Gabbeh, Isfahan, Nain, Balouchi)

+ Ikat
+ Bokhara
+ Silk Rugs
+ Overdyed
+ Modern Vogue
+ Patchwork
+ And More! Call Today for Details


Our staff members are in a league of their own. They have a lot of experience cleaning Oriental and area rugs of all kinds. They know just how delicate these floor coverings can be, too. That's why they treat them with the highest degree of care.

Area & Oriental Rug CleaningWe pick rug cleaning equipment that's completely safe. We pick rug cleaning formulas that won't harm your floor coverings in any way as well. Customers never ever have to wonder about our equipment and formula selections.

Contact AmeriClean Carpet & Furniture Cleaning now to reserve an appointment for unrivaled Oriental and area rug cleaning service in Ridgefield. We're rug cleaning wizards. We're customer service wizards as well.

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